This piece is a celebration for me, my first advert in the UK. 
The idea was to use this ad as a starting point to promote Montgomerys in the West End and, consequently, Glasgow. The intention is to put the cafe on the city’s spotlight, in this case, betting in its quality. 
A slogan was also created: Montgomerys. Glasgow’s better half.
It strengthen the eleven years relationship between the cafe and the city that holds it dearly. A relationship that, even though is so young, is truly genuine. Montgomery was born in a time when the West End of town was a long way of being great, but it believed in where it were, and endured bravely until today. Some may say it was the starting point of all the hypeness and success the region has today, but everybody knows that relationships are built in trust. And that is what Glasgow gave it to Montgomerys. A cafe that is modern, cosmopolitan and traditionally Scottish to the bone, just like the city that believed on it. That is why the “Better half”. AND because it plays about being “The better 
half of the city”, West beats East.
In Glasgow, where the West ends, the good taste begins. 
Client: Montgomerys
Format: Print - Magazine
Copywriter: Solo Mascarenhas (Me)
Art Director: Thiago Baptista

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